The mission which fills my heart with fluffy pink clouds of cotton candy.

mission channeling sharing native American bison

I’m sitting in the sun in my small but warm garden. Enjoying it while channeling my daily advice. As soon as I smell that round ball of fire, my skin is turning brown, that always happens so fast! I still wear my sun-browned-bikini from last year and it’s already getting more visible. Let the summer begin! I like.


While tuning in on the highest guidance possible today I received a strong message from a native American soul. We shared information. Also known as; I ask questions and the guide is responding. It took me a while today to get the connection right, but when it arrived it was very clear and strong.


One of my last questions was; “What can I do to share this message?” “Write about it” he said. “Write about it every time, about all the information you receive. It’s for the highest good of all. Due to blogging you will reach the most people. It is also an easy way to keep your gifts and energy in House of Roots alive.” -House of Roots is the place where I council people on their spiritual path. I’m not telling this to create an advertisement but I guess it is needed to explain the information.-


Making things easier for myself is a big theme, so I’m very thankful this beautiful soul gave me this idea! While I was writing down this information, my heart got filled with fluffy pink clouds of cotton candy. So full of love and purpose! And there they were, the Grandmothers -God's energy in twelve old beautiful ladies to restore the yin/yang energy on earth-, giggling and laughing. Happy that I discovered this mission on earth -for as long as it’s neccesary-. And happy that they found a vessel to keep in touch with and where they can share the information they want the world to know.


Bwaaaaa okay...let’s to this then….haha. My first blog....I want to tell you that it won’t be grammatically perfect but English is the best way to share this information because people all over the world can understand it. I will write in my own way, just the way I am. Maybe it’s not the way you expect me to write in a blog. But hey...let’s keep this easy for me ;) Everything is shared because it’s needed, not of it’s beauty.





The message of today, channeled with love. Enjoy.


A native American soul called Grey Hound, hugging and loving it’s bison want you to know;

“We need love and gratitude on earth. Stop eating animals in the way most people do right now; without thinking and processing it in mass production. The animals need to be loved and respected. They are gifts to us. Don’t waste them. Use every part of the animal and treat them with respect as one of your own. They are willing to serve. They are the most subservient beings on earth. We MUST treat them with respect, don’t misuse our powers...let your ego’s go -and give them a nice ‘job’ which benefits you and the world in a good way-. Know that you ARE an animal too, we all are living beings, we are the same. Only form divides us. Animals are our friends. How do you treat your friends? They are not our enemy’s, not trofee’s, not objects and definitely not any less than us.


The last questions of this session were; “Which animal will help me on this path of blogging and telling the world all this information? It is new to me, how can I keep it all clear and loving from the heart? I think I need some support...”.

A green huge snake came to me. This is the second time I see her this week. She will help me with the writing and helps me receiving clear information. She is very clever, keeps “een oogje in het zeil”, gives me protection and keeps me sharp. She is so loving, powerful and pure. Very fresh and helping. I feel supported with her around me. Thank you pretty one.



Bless you all and thank you for reading this message. If you want to know which animal is helping you right now, feel free to ask me in a personal message. They are happily waiting for you to recognize and work with them.


Feel free to follow and share my blog. It is here for you and all the other beautiful people in the world.




Love and light,










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    Mariet (zondag, 25 maart 2018 21:39)

    Gefeliciteerd met je 1e blog lieverd ❤️ Tot heeel binnenkort. Xx

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    Rianne (woensdag, 28 maart 2018 08:08)

    Leuk Sofie! Een puntje: ik vind alle hoofdletters heel vermoeiend om te lezen. Heb je een reden om alleen hoofdletters te gebruiken?