14. april 2018
Give your whole energy the space it needs. For the real space it IS. Expand and feel you are a loving godly giant. Or as I like to call it, an LGG :)

29. maart 2018
From the moment I sat down to start my meditation today, the ‘door’ went open. A Native American soul said hello and started to share. At first I didn’t want to listen because I thought I wasn’t ready. Didn’t do my affirmations jet, didn’t create a safe energetic surrounding for myself...But then I gently got smacked in the face haha. “Wake up and write down” he said. “Listen, it’s okay, you are ready. I am here now”. And then I listened.

27. maart 2018
Jump! Even if you don't know the path. Just surrender to what is and have faith in what will be.

25. maart 2018
A native American soul called "Grey Hound" is hugging and loving it’s bison. He wants to tell you something important.