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Sunday was the day I felt the ‘call’ which I told you about. It was amazing, it was fun and I did it automatically. With trust and without my monkey mind.

Monday was different. Immediately I felt worried and stressed out because now I knew I had to share my channelings everyday. But what do I do when there is no specific information to share? What do I do when there are only personal things, ment for me or someone close? I felt stressed out. But soon the answer came: “Everything will come at the right time, we will guide you. We will tell you what and when to share, but channel everyday for your own good.” Well that was comforting and I felt rest. Some kind of burden fell from my shoulders.


Nothing has to feel like a burden. Everything you do can be a joy. Feeling stress because of whatever is never the answer. Most of the time we create stress ourselves.

I’ve learned that you must practise what you preach. Why don’t preach what you practise? And that’s why I’m writing this blog today.


Feeling my boundaries physically, mentally and spiritually is teaching me a lot about stress and the causes of it. It is one of my biggest lessons in life. And of course my guides show me how to deal with it. They are so carring and loving. It makes everything oke!

But they also were very excited that they found a vessel (me) who was willing (in all her enthousiasm and excitement) to work with/through. But that was to overwelming for me at this point, I realise that now. It is needed for me to take little steps which I can handle, because I’m still human with human restrictive thoughts and a beautiful monkey mind. No more pressure needed!


We can be helped, we can be used as a vessel. But there is always free will. In everything you do. In every choice you make. And my guides are willing to negotiate. They feel me and they hear my questions. And ofcourse they understand me and give me the best support ever!


So...the new plan is to blog when it’s needed and it will be still my mission. Haha jup...that’s the way the cookie crumbles folks. All I do is jump, I don’t know the path. I just surrender to what is and have faith in what will be ;)  




In love and light





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