Okay people, wake up. I got smacked in the face for it.

cosmic roots energy divine wake up

From the moment I sat down to start my meditation today, the ‘door’ went open. A Native American soul said hello and started to share. At first I didn’t want to listen because I thought I wasn’t ready. Didn’t do my affirmations jet, didn’t create a safe energetic surrounding for myself...But then I gently got smacked in the face haha. “Wake up and write down” he said. “Listen, it’s okay, you are ready. I am here now”. And then I listened.


We are sitting in his tipi and this is what he wants me to tell you;


“You are the perfect combination of Divine Cosmic energy and Divine Earthly energy. Your roots are in the earth but also in the cosmos. You are like a tree. You are a portal, a connector of Divine Love. You are the best of two sides.


Wake up everybody, get out of your wintersleep. It is time to nourish your body’s with good food and sunlight. And nourish your souls by making connection with the Source; the Great All That Is and with your starbrothers and -sisters. Use your crown chakra, open it and sent a message. Show yourself. Show them that you are ready to connect and ready to receive.”


After this part of the conversation I saw the soul smoking his pipe with sattisfaction on his face. His job was done as so was mine. The last words he told me were; “Be kind.”

That wasn’t the first time Native American souls told me that. Last week I got six other native commandments for a good life. Be kind is the seventh.




Ask and you will receive

Be humble

Eat healthy

Be polite

Be patient

Giving is the new receiving

Be kind


I don’t think it is very new to us but it’s worth feeling these words again. And if you can, follow them. Look at your life and see where you need to take care of. In love for yourself and others.


The second part is about the following;

“Our body’s are connected to the earth because of it’s magnetic field. It is our homebase in this life. But Earth is also a planet, floating in this galaxy, in this universe, in All That Is. Your Earth is a cosmic being. Not different from other planet-beings. You are a cosmic creature.


And from now on Sofie, you are tuning in on Great Spirit when you see one of us ‘Native Americans’. You are tuning in on consciousness and we show ourselves in a form you will recognize. And we talk in ways you will recognize also. Consciousness is the biggest cloud of information that exists and everybody can tune in on that.”


Well, now this has been written I can take care of my cheeck which I got energetically smacked on. Next time I will be more humble and polite. And trust that is alright. Who knows what happens next if I don’t listen haha.



In love and light,









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