Ready, set, go!

open up receive universe highest good

Yesterday after I channeled for myself, Great Spirit spoke to me with some kind of the same message for you. Ofcourse i will tell you about it.


Great Spirit says;


If you are ready to receive, all good WILL come to you.

And to be ready to receive you have to open up. Just make that decision and set your intention to your body, your mind and all of your cells. It helps to keep an open posture and to sit and walk with a straight back. Make yourself big, as big as you can. But do it in love, not in a macho ‘Look at me’ kind of way. Give your whole energy the space it needs. For the real space it IS. Expand and feel you are a loving godly giant. -Or as I like to call it, an LGG.-


Think further and let go of your outer shield of skin and bones. You are so much bigger than your physical body. Only your body separates you from the universe, from others. At least that is what the mind thinks. Your physical body makes it seem like you are ‘small’, it shows you your ‘boundaries’. But that is desception. You ARE the universe! It is clear that you need your body to live in this 3D dimension. It is your vessel but it is not ‘you’ or your ‘I am’. It is needed to take good care of your precious vessel and to be friends with it because you have to deal with eachother and learn from eachother. But it is also needed to learn that it is only one of your body’s. It is the one we can easily see on this earth but there are a few more in an energetically way. Try and learn to feel them. Expand your mind, your knowing. And expand your inner body. Expand this energy that lies within your physical body. That’s how you open yourself up. That is how you are preparing yourself to receive, to share, to learn, to feel and to set yourself free. It is also helpfull to open up your crown chakra while expanding. That’s a good way to show the universe you are open for it’s energy and for it’s help and that you are willing to receive.


You can use these kind of affirmations;

I expand my inner being.

I am open.

I set myself free.

I am ready to receive.


It is time to free yourself dear one. And to prepare yourself to receive. It is needed for your own Highest Good and for the Highest Good of All. And it is such a nice present for your soul. it will make you very happy.


Ready, set, go! It is a choice. It is a mindset. It is not difficult.


Set your intensions and your cells will receive them. That’s why your whole system WILL react to this. It is everybody’s right of existence to fulfill your heart and to live your Highest Good.


Please know that you are worthy to set yourself free and to receive all good. That is the law of the universe, the law of love.


You are loved.

Love yourself.

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